[Comb, part 1]

*Makha (alike Masha) is one of the shorter names for Maria.

Stan: Lexx, are you sure you can't sinthesize a comb?
Lexx: I'm sure, Stanley, I can't.

Xev: Stanley, it's just unbearable! Why we have no comb?

Kai: It has no any important meaning for me...but still can I have a comb?
790: Where's my comb for contact wires, security guard?

Voice: Hello, folks! Problems?

Fi: Our navigation cards...khm...charts say you're in trouble.
M.G.'s thoughts: And again ace of clubs takes 8s...

Xev: Oh, yes! We're in deep trouble.
M.G.: We can solve your problems, can bewitch tooth, tell tales, tell fortunes...

Stan & Kai: What about a comb? Do you have one?

M.G. & Fi: !!!

Fi & M.G.: Of cause we have! And not one but many combs and many hair brushes; everything for you and as you wish!

Xev: It's our chance!
Stan: Lexx GO!
790: I know for sure they have no comb for contact wires!

To be continued...


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