[Comb, part 4]

Note for those who did not understand: this is the Lexx drifting.

Xev: Hey, girls, here's some troubles with the TV reciever... What should I do? ....girls?

M.G.: So, wish to have your hair done?

M.G.: Oh, mine! Your sute is just falling to pieces, mister.

Fi: And it's full of insects. Have a look.

M.G.: Moths. It won't go. Come with us.
Fi: We know how to deal with insects.
Kai: Never thought I have moths inside me...

Xev: Hello......? ...Does somebody hear me?

790: Oh I feel my heaven beauty Xev is in trouble!.. What should I do?.. If I only had a body!.. So what should I do? I must help her. I must save Xev. Oh my Xev! Oh Xev!..

M.G.: Come here, please. Inscription on the door: "Dry-Clearning"

Fi: We know perfect way to overpower insects!

To be continued...


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