[Comb, part 7]

Bang! Crush!
Stan: Hurry up!
790: Everybody's alive as usuall. Extraordinaring!

Xev: But for 790 we could be dead now:he had feeling I am in trouble and so he came to save me. Oh, kissy-kissy-kissy, my hero!
790: Ooooh! Ahhhh....
Right, bottom: 'No. THIS is just a control' :))).

2 molecules in the endless cosmos.
One:And still 4/5 was my share!
The other:So you still keep your line?!?! Well hold on now!!!!!

boom! bang! crush! bang-bang!

Mantrid:I am late. And again I am too late!.. Deals always get out of my hands!...

The End


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