(c) Karina

[ The Game of Prince ]

by Ann Lee
Illustrated by M.G. and Karina (click the pics to see them larger).

Xev was resting in her sleeping chamber. Last adventures had completely disoriented her. Unbelieveble happiness of meeting Living and loving her Kai had given a new impact for her life. But then it changed into darkness when he turned to be that damn Prince. She used to like that man very much but his act made her really angry. How could he be so cruel! Prince knew she was mad about the Brunnen-G and he pretended to be Kai, to be tender and loving as she always wanted him to be. Xev was in dispair - she sadly lowered her head and sighed. Why is it always happen to her, that when she thinks that her dream came true - it is only illussion!

Suddenly she heard a sound of steps behind her. Xev turned and saw a man that she wanted to see the last one in her life - it was the dark figure of Prince. Xev did not want to think how did he get there and what he wanted from her. She wanted that he left her alone forever. Before she opened her mouth to say that, Prince overtook her: "What is my darling Xev thinking about? I swear, you are thinking about Kai, aren't you?"

- You are a cruel monster! -cried Xev

- Oh! May be, just a littleЕBy the way, yesterday, when I looked like your beloved dead you did not call me in such a way, dear, you were even ready to have sex with me, - he looked at her with cunning smile. - When I asked you what are you thinking about, it was a stupid question, because there is no need of doing that - you are always thinking about Kai, aren't you?

- Damn you, Prince, live - me- alone - said Xev slowly. She was furious - he had no right to behave like that, he had no right to mock over her feelings to the dead man. If only Kai could alive, if only he could respond to her love - then nothing would mean to herЕ..But tillЕ

- You want Kai, you want him to be with you, to love and Е- he chuckled. - To make love with you, am I right, my dear Lizard? Of course I am. - He came close to her, his eyes staring into hers, his mouth speaking right into her year, his breath made her shiver. - By the way, my sweet love, do you know how is it - to make love with dead man? He is cold and firm, he has specific fragrance - not unpleasant, but not human. When you touch him or he touches you, instead of feeling soft warm skin of the lover and heat of passion you fell coldness and freese. Freese of death. O-ho! I become a romantic poet, Xev. And you realise that he is dead, he is not a man, he is a corpse. That's all. Don't you want to understand that instead of having erotic dreams about him? Dear girl, be careful, don't turn into perverted person.

- Fuck you, Prince, - cried Xev. She knew he was right but it was not a reason for her. Dreams were all she had. - My erotic dreams about Kai is not your business!

- Oh, my sweet Xev, all day you think about him, all night you dream about himЕIsn't it too much?

- My dreams - is not your business! - angrily repited Xev, turning away from Prince.

- Are you sure, my little babe from the bank of wives, then don't be! Your dreams - is an open book for me, I can see them, I can feel themЕ and become excited of them, especially I like your favourite fantasy, when you imagine yourself sleeping, suddenly appears Kai, he tells you that he is alive again and that he had never been with any woman and then he asks you to make love with himЕyou know, with this his deep low voiceЕand then you imagine the processЕ- he made special stress on the last word, - You imagine it in every detail. I am right, Xev, this is your favourite fantasy, isn't it? - Prince looked at Xev. He knew she was ready to tear him to pieces and at the same time she was ready to burst into tears because he was right - almost each night she fall into asleep with this thought, with hope that once it would happen - Kai will come to her and ask her to be with him.

"How could he know about that?" - thought Xev. As if answering this question, Prince turned her to him, grasped in strong embrace, he looked directly into her green eyes:

- You are surprised, my little love slave, you think, how that stupid man could know that, the answer is that I know everything about you, I know your thoughts and dreams, this your fantasy is so obvious, is soЕdesired and wantedЕyou want desperately to alive him, to make love to him but most of all you want to be his first woman, don't you? You want it to be Xev, who will strip Kai of his innocence, slowly, skilfully, as only Love Slave can do. I do not ask you, I assert this fact.

- Prince, I want your death, I want to see your sufferings,- said Xev quietly.

That caused wide smile on Prince's face.

- You are too late with your wishes, Xev. Don't get mad on me, I do not want the instincts of this disgusting Cluster Lizard took power over you, otherwise I will have to kill you. My dear, dear Xev, I want you to be my friend, I want you to help me because if you refuse I can easily turn your life into complete nightmar, - he kept silence for some time and added - I will turn your life into c ompleteЕeroticЕnightmare.

He laughed.

- Do you want to see it? I bet you do. - And before she even could answer, Prince waved his hand in front of her face and Xev fall asleep, then he put her on the bad on one side and then lied down too.

"I want to see your dream, my Xev, be good girl, let me do it. It is my own small masterpiece and I want to share it with you." - he murmured putting his hand on Xev's forehead and closing eyes.

Without even opening her eyes Xev knew she was in cryo-chamber - it was clear because of low temperature and special hiss of pumping air by its freezing systems.

Suddenly she heard voice of Prince "Welcome to our joint fantasy, dear Xev." Xev opened eyes. As she expected - she was in cryo-chamber. But where is Prince? - She thought and at the same moment his voice echoed once again in her mind: "You do not see me, Xev, because the time has not come yet. Be sure we will start soon. Before beginning I should say that it's one of your fantasies but with smallЕ. change. May be it is better to say that it is MY fantasy. Oh, Xev, one thing more - do not try to intervene or even to move - you are invisible - as you do not exist and can not do anything."

What is he talking about! Xev tried to make step but it was impossible. All she could do was just look. She was horrified - may be for the first time she has fully realised all strength of Prince. She was completely in his power. What if he did something with Kai?! She looked at his cryo-pod - the lines of his dark figure were visible behind the dim glass.

Suddenly she heard steps in the entrance of the room. She was shocked to seeЕthe living Kai. Xev perfectly remembered that not so long ago she has killed him. Then she recalled words of Prince that it is fantasy. Even if it was a fantasy - it was damn realistic! Though he was only reincarnation of Prince, he was still charming - light smile was on his lips, romantic black locks, blue outfit more exposed then covered slim and graceful outlines of his body. Uncontrollably Xev looked with admiration at him and at the same moment she heard quiet voice of Prince ''Here we are. Do you like me in this shape? I bet you do. Not only youЕ"

Xev was in horror - she understood that now something horrible would happen but she was helpless. Prince-Kai moved to control panel and activated opening mechanism of Kai's cryo-pod. "Now he is going to destroy my Kai." She stopped breathing when top with specific sound moved up. It was surprising but Kai-Prince was not going to do anything - he was simply waiting till Kai will awake.

When Kai opened his eyes and made first movement she understood the idea of Prince, she understood the whole mock over her. For a second two men were looking at each other and thenЕHer Kai leaned his hands to his Living twin and Еembraced him. Another man did the same.

They were standing clenching each other in passionate embrace - two completely similar men, one in black outfit, another - in a blue short toga. Pail skin of Living Kai's exposed body was clearly distinguished on the black costume of former assasin. They both were completely busy with each other, touching, kissing, and quietly moaning all the time - obviously it was not their first love session.

Xev understood in her mind that everything she saw was not real, it's just some kind of obsession but seeing was more real then just understanding of its non-reality. Xev realized that her Kai is dead and he is not able to have anything like feelings or emotions, he can not behave like that, but the picture she was observing convinced her in far opposite. Kai was very emotional and passionate lover. His desire and feeling to his twin were obvious - the way he touched Living Kai, the way he embraced him and hugged to his heart, tenderly caressing body of the partner prominently testified that Kai was a very skillful and tender lover. He was dominating in that game because he wanted so and because Kai-Prince let him do it, it was one of rules of this arousing and at the same time horrifying dance. Dead Kai's hands in black material caressed and massaged soft responding body.

They both were feeling strong, fit bodies of each otherЕonly bodies they have lusted afterЕadmired and fantasized about.

Without stopping careses Kai opened the fastener on Prince's shoulder and in a second blue dress slowly slept off his well defined body. Living Kai was standing still and quiet, letting the other one do anything he wanted. Now Kai was feeling the every inch of partner's body, every hair, every mound, nipples, belly button, groin, thighs, legs, buttocks, back and the face that was as beautiful as his own. With fingertips Kai traced from the forehead of KaiPrince up to his lips, as full and sensuous as were his own. It seemed like this man was touching his reflection in the mirror. Kai put aside black curly lock and put his hands on either side of other man face and brought him close enough to kissЕ

Xev almost physically felt that at that very moment cold moist tongue of one Kai slid down the throat of another KaiЕ they were eating each others tongues for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly, like after invisible signal behavior of Living Kai changed - he put his hands on Kai's shoulders and pulled Kai to him. Then he very quickly unbuttoned black outfit of Kai and put hands under the jacket. In very slow motions Prince started messaging arms, back and worked his way down to still covered butt. Kai responded to that - his hands slipped caressingly over Prince's taut ass muscles and pulled him harder against himself by the back of his naked thighs. At that moment Living Kai raised his hips to rub the hard ridge of his manhood against Kai's who was kissing his neck and feeling hard cock throb against his own groin.

Xev was absolutely engrossed by that scene. She was aroused by it and did not know what she would do if she could move - whether she would kill Prince or join themЕ (c) M.G.She wondered what felt Living Kai when pulling close to the harsh material of Kai's costume, when feeling his erected member against the same organ under black outfit, feel his legs slip between the strong legs in trousers. She understood by his look that he was on the edge of climax of all these skillful caresses, contact with harsh material of Kai's outfit, of his cold kisses and the way Kai's frozen fingers cupped his ass and grind him against his body.

Wide wolfish smile appeared on Prince's face when he pulled Kai's head closer to his neck and breast, like showing the necessary way. Xev realized that the smile was addressed to her.

Kai rubbed his chin through the rare hair on his chest and nipped the tip of his right nipple between his teeth. A sensational shock run from there to his groin. Living Kai came instantly in torrents! He seemed to cum in waves forever continuing to throb and moaning softly.

"Are you jealous, baby? Of course you are!" heard Xev, "Do you want to be on my place? - You do...you doЕbut I won't let you because you are a bad girl, you do not want to fulfill my little request!" continued Prince's voice in her mindЕ

Xev has to admit that she was really excited - the view of two completely equal and beautiful men making love was spellbinding. Suddenly Prince's voice echoed in her mind - "It was marvelous. It was a miracle. Kai is a very talented lover! What a passion ! I am completely satisfied, dear Xev. Let me ask you a question, did you like my exercises with your beloved Dead Worrier?"

"You are a monster, Prince!" thought Xev. "How could you do this to Kai! HeЕhe is mine! He could not make love to you! It was justЕ"

"So you are impressed, aren't you? I require again you make Stan destroy the Water!"

"No" - answered Xev.

"No? I thought you are smarter", answered Prince, "then let's continue our fun. I swear, I enjoy every second of this little show!"

Xev did not want but unwillingly she had to focus her attention at both Kais. Now it was turn of Living Kai - he kneeled down in front of his lover and unbuttoned his trousers letting cock spring up in front of his face. Kai with left hand guided his member down to the level of Prince's mouth and right hand moved behind his head and gently urged partner forward to meet his rod. ЕPrince placed lips on the tip of Kai's member, then took his growing manhood into mouth. The purple cock head was velvety smooth, Prince tasted it with his tongue and explored its every feature. He ran the tongue around the ridge of his lover's cock head and flicked his tongue into the hole at the tip as continued to squeeze the balls and stroke thickening member of Kai with the hand. It was obvious that Prince loved how thick and long he was getting, his hugeness, his hardness excited.

Kai held Prince's head as he stood fucking that gorgeous cock into the mouth of his naked twin, stroking slowly forward with his hips, pushing his manhood down that throat and groaning his pleasure. Again and again he slid his thickness into that hungry mouth pumping and thrusting.

That was more then Xev could bear. Now she was ready to destroy 10 planets in order not to see how her beloved making love with another one.

"Prince, please", she begged, "stop that!"

"You know the rules, Xev" was the immediate answer.

"I agree. I will make Stan destroy the Water planet, I swear! Please, stop it!"

"OK. I will, do not ever try to play games with me."

The picture started to loose its clarity, outlines became unclear and vision of two men and cryo-chamber gradually disappeared. Again Xev was in her sleeping- room laying on the bad. In front of her was standing Prince in the shape of Living Kai. He was half-dressed. With wide smile he said:

"Unfortunately you collapsed even before the most interesting act of our play. It should have been the greatest fucking in two Universes! I advise you remember that we can continue any timeЕ so be good girl, do what I ask"

Gradually his figure took shapes of usual Prince's appearance.

"Xev, you have only 1 day to destroy Water or your life will turn into complete endless nightmare. You already know what I mean, yeah, my beloved Love Slave?" and before Xev could react the dark figure melted away.

Now she clearly understood what Prince meant when speaking about arousing nightmare. She won't be able to stand it once again - so Xev went to find Stan. She did not know exactly how but she was going to make him destroy the Water planet, as Prince toldЕ

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