[Comb, part 2]

This is NOT what you've just thought. This is supersonic space ship!
Electic sign on the fuselage: "We cast spells and tell fortunes".

Fi & M.G.: At last we'll have clients! And MALES!!!
(pic on the wall says: "From Feppo and Smoor for friends")

Voice 1: Makha! Hurry up! Change our electric sign!
Voice 2: Have done it already: "The best Beauty Solon in this part of the Zone". OK?
Voice 1: Yeah. Look, they're comming.

The Lexx crew: I am Stanley Tweedle, the captain of the Lexx, - I am Xev, half Cluster Lizard, - I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G.
Fi & M.G.: And we are Makhas: Fiona and Gromkaya. Welcome onboard!

790: Oh I am lonley again, left without Xev Xev, left to be lonely guard of the Lexx Lexx... Oh come to me Xev, oh come back, oh Xev... Lexx: 790, shut off!

M.G.: Oh, my!.. Makha, did you see the boy? Oh!..
Fi: Why, stop that! They are the first to come onboard for the whole year and still they behave decently!..
Fi: Well, Makha, let's share the males.
M.G.: Oh the Dark Zone, why should I share my man with you???

Fi: Oh, left this frozen brunette for yourself, let you... well, 1/5 of him let be mine, OK? But the capitan is entirely mine!
Well, now let's go divert the lizard's attention.

To be continued...


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