[Comb, part 3]

M.G.: Come here please.

One minute later...
M.G.: And now Xev you may watch TV series "drdel vs. SadGeezer" while waiting for your friends.
Fi: Hehe.

M.G.: He-he-he.
Fi: She's bought this! Wathcs TV. Well, lock the door... and let's go get Stanley!

Fi: Come here, Stanley. And please don't be shy. Just make yourself at home.

Fi: It seems to me Xev is locked not securely enough. I go to check it out. ...And don't you dare stic to my Tweedle!

M.G.: So, captian wishes to have his hair cut...?
Stan: Yeah... this' gonna be good too.

Some minutes later Fiona came back...

M.G.: What? Have just cut his hair and painted in my color... I don't know how to do something else...
Fi: Remake what you've done IMMIDATELY!

M.G.: It takes some time for the re-dye to make its work. Just wait, OK?
Fi: Well, Gromkaya,.. Just you wait!..

To be continued...


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